BRiGHTiNTEL – Ensuring product quality
Products of sensitive nature require certain handling during transport in order to protect the products and ensure the quality during the entire supply chain to the receiving party. Different products are sensitive to different factors. Food, pharmaceuticals and health products are often transported and stored in designated temperature controlled vehicles, packagings and storage areas due to their sensitiveness to temperature.

Companies that produce and transport products such as machinery, vehicles, tools and electronic equipment are particularly interested in ensuring that the products reach the customer on time and in the promised and agreed condition. This product category is often sensitive to the exposure of high humidity and shock levels.

Irrespective of what factors that are critical for your product’s quality, BRiGHTiNTEL can be applied to collect, monitor and analyze these factors.



BRiGHTiNTEL is not relying on a specific GPS or telemetry device. We apply the best available hardware according to your requirements.

BRiGHTiNTEL – Addresses real challenges

  • uncertainty about the product condition at the final delivery to the customer
  • no possibility to act on deviations and excursions during the transportation phase
  • high costs in the form of claims and corrective actions if the product is not in the agreed condition at delivery
  • lack of information about the position and lead times in various transportation phases due to outsourced logistics

BRiGHTiNTEL – A complete solution

By applying the monitoring hardware that is best suited for your needs, we secure the automatic and continuous collection and monitoring of product quality during transportation. The data collection provides the basis for us to present reports and aggregated analyses to you, detailing what is affecting your products and where the products have been handled along the supply chain.


A telemetry device is fitted to the asset which provides direct information and insight into asset position and condition throughout transportation.


During shipment a Shipment Report is automatically compiled and made available in the BRiGHTiNTEL web application. The report compiles the entire shipment with full information about the product’s position and condition history.


By aggregating data from multiple shipments we produce shipment analyses and present insights that can be used on a tactical and strategical level when determining transport routes, transport modes, transport operators, packaging, etc.

BRiGHTiNTEL – A flexible solution
BRiGHTiNTEL can be used for product transportation irrespective of transport mode; road, air, sea or rail. It can be applied in permanent installations in vehicles, e.g. to ensure food quality, as well as in mobile installations of capital equipment that is transported world-wide. Read more about how BRiGHTiNTEL has been applied in the following customer examples.

We look forward to help you regardless of the product that needs to be monitored during transport in order to ensure its quality at its destination, to comply with industry or government regulations and guidelines, to gain insights into the best packaging solution, or for any other reason of importance to you.