Envirotainer is a world leader within temperature controlled air freight containers. With the aim to “Lead the market”, Envirotainer has, among other efforts, stepped up its initiatives within the telemetry field. Today the active containers log data such as internal container temperature and ambient temperature, but the data collection and compilation require manual processes.


An implemented telemetry solution will provide Envirotainer with an automated and continuous data collection with the addition of input from more sensors (such as GPS-data) and an automated data transmission and compilation.

Envirotainer’s operations are carried out world-wide with customers transporting high-value and highly sensitive products in the containers, relying on their performance and the operations in the Cold Chain network that Envirotainer is an important part of.

Telemetry is one area that will help Envirotainer meet and exceed its customer’s requirements and expectations. Within this area Starbright and Envirotainer have a longstanding relationship, where Starbright provides services and Cargo Care solutions, assisting Envirotainer to “lead the market”.

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