Founded in 2004, Starbright Consulting is an IT & Management Consulting company with expertise in the areas of Telemetry & Auto-ID. By combining deep IT knowledge with an understanding of our customers’ businesses and challenges we specialize in finding smart and cost effective solutions to our customers’ needs.

Since 2009 we provide the complete solution BRiGTHiNTEL to the market, which is suited for companies that need to ensure product status and positions during transportation.

We believe that an automated collection, visualization and processing of data from connected devices such as containers, vehicles and products during transportation contribute to more qualitative, effective and profitable operations for our customers. By not only automatically and continuously monitoring products and assets, but also structuring and analyzing the collected data, we help our customers to understand how products and assets are handled during transport.

Starbright Consulting offers the market a complete range of services from preparatory technology and business analyses to pilot projects and full-scale implementations together with our partners.

We look forward to tell you more about us and how we help companies in the fields of Telemetry and Auto-ID. Just let us know if you have any questions and we will help you on the way to smarter ways of utilizing and keeping track of your assets!