A major Swedish company, producing capital equipment uses Starbright Cargo Care services for global transportation monitoring.

The equipment, that is sensitive to rough and incorrect handling, is transported to customers worldwide, during which time the insight into equipment state and positions is very limited. For this reason, the company uses Starbright’s Cargo Care services with the purpose of gaining more information as to how the transports really affect the equipment’s state, through the measurement of humidity, temperature and shock levels inside the packaging.

Cargo Care monitored shipments from Europe to customers in Asia, South America and Australia provides improved insights into the factors that influence the equipment during transport so that it can be packaged in smarter and more protective ways. The monitoring also gives important insights into transportation routes and dwell locations that can be used in order to understand how to reduce the overall transportation time.

The combined position and sensor data of position has also helped the company to present proof in claims discussions when the equipment has been stored at locations that directly affect the machine negatively, e.g. outdoor storage during rain seasons in South America.